March 20, 2012

Davene and Neal

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Where do I start with this wedding... perhaps at the beginning would be apt. 

Walking through the doors of the reception hall at Evergreen I could not believe how much effort Davene and Neal (along with family and friends) had put into the decor. Every stitch was hand sewn and every item handmade. Davene did her own hair, make-up, and even made her own dress... er dresses. Yes, that is correct. Davene made not one, but two wedding dresses for herself.

And as it turned out, that was absolutely perfect for her wedding day. Why you may ask? Well because it did not just rain, it hailed. Not little baby cutsie hails... no. Big mean knock-you-out hails. But in amongst all the chaos of being lambasted by hail balls the size of a well-fed snail, Neal quietly smiled to himself and later told me 'If rain on your wedding day is a blessing, then hail must really be a gift from God.'

And then the storm softened. The sun glimmered through the delicate rain, and the most beautiful rainbow presented itself as a gift to this stunning couple. Davene's extra dress meant that we could frolic to our hearts content. I know three is a crowd, but man we had fun!