December 13, 2012

Justine and Dave

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This wedding was just. so. rad! Dave and Jay are probably the most lighthearted and sincere people this side of the equator and every time I look at these photos it makes me realize what amazing clients I have. As a photographer you experience so many types of weddings, and this was one that presented an overwhelming amount of 'moments' to be captured. Everything a couple (and photographer) could wish for rolled into one uniquely awesome wedding :)

Justine walking down the aisle to the Grey Voices singing 'Going to the Chapel' suited her perfectly :) And then there was Dave's speech which sticks in my mind and probably will for a long time to come. Looking at the photos, all I can hear is Dave saying '...and the wind blew, and we baked shortbread, and then we braaied' because that was what happened every single day for the duration they were in PE. There were, of course, a few variations like 'and the wind blew, and we convinced our photographer that her tick bite fever was no big deal, and we baked shortbread, and then we braaied'. (On that note, I would like to extend a hug thank you to my dear friend Karin for helping me out on the day and making sure that I was hydrated, nourished, and standing up straight. Tick bite fever is no joke people, stay away from them little critters. You are a gem liefie, thanks so much xxx)

Lastly, a lot of my clients will know that I always recommend a certain videographer who is so very talented, and this is why... please go check out this amazing video that Chris from Allen Visuals put together for Dave and Jay :)

And with that, you should all definitely check out these happy photos...

December 7, 2012

Jeanell and Dustin

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The St Francis Links will forever hold a special place in my heart because it was the venue for our own wedding nearly two years ago (sheesh time flies!). When Jeanell and Dustin asked me to photograph their wedding I was so thrilled! It was a truly fantastic wedding with the ceremony on the beach followed by a reception up at the clubhouse.

The beach setting was picture perfect with blue skies and puffy clouds, followed by storm clouds rolling in for the couple shoot down at the lighthouse. A gorgeous day in a gorgeous place... I hope you all love looking at the photos as much as I did taking them :)


December 4, 2012

Lana and Roland

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Summer. It is the one season we all love. Vivid memories of pool-lazing, mean-kid-splashing, summer fruit salad and ice-cream. Of laughter and sun-warmed skin, Wilson's toffees and rough feet from walking on tarred roads. Calm evening's, braais and chasing frogs, flying ants and Christmas beetles.

I often go back to memories collected along the way and try to bring out the same feelings in my photos. Unfortunately it is difficult with weddings because everything is unplanned and spur of the moment, but engagement shoots are different. They allow time to think and plan, time to go on a journey to find the perfect place for the perfect moment. Exciting ideas and a little effort always turn into something bigger than I can try to describe.

Lana and Roland really wanted something different. Lana from Latvia and Roland from Germany, living in PE, getting married in Mauritius and then moving on to a new place, new language, new life together. All they wanted was to capture the joy that they had shared as an engaged couple in our wonderful country. We managed to capture something very special during this shoot. I will always remember it as the afternoon spent in the orchards. It was pure summer nostalgia.

A very, very special thank you to Daniela for helping us arrange access to the farm.

Enjoy the photos everyone 

December 3, 2012

Marga and Jannie

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Marga and Jannie are such a cute couple! You could genuinely see the they were so excited to marry one another, and it was so amazing to watch them throughout the day :) Marga and I started chatting about their wedding back when I first started my full time photography business and even visited me at my first Bridal Fair. A year and a half of chatting and planning finally culminated in this wonderful wedding :)

I sometimes forget how much of the info I put out there is actually absorbed by clients and used, too! It was so cool to see small items like the wonderful cufflinks from Lady Peculiar and customised hangers from The Desert Rose Project that the couple had ordered - all the personalized items really added something special to the preparations on the day and the excitement was tangible.

What a wonderful experience and I am so glad I was chosen to capture the amazing love that Marga and Jannie emanate. Thanks so much for choosing me!

Enjoy the photos :)

November 15, 2012

Stacey and Paul

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Woohoo! A new blog post in anticipation of two big milestones that are coming up, and I could not have asked for better than the then 'Ms Webber and Mr Botha' (who tied the knot over the weekend and are now Mr & Mrs).

How in love are these two? Clients and shoots like this make me a very happy lady! I laughed with them during the entire shoot, smiled during the editing, and now sit smiling whilst putting together a blog post... that is a lot of smiling! I am sure you will see why when you have a squizz at the photos. Paul and Stacey know how to laugh, love, and fool around, AND they are totally besotted with each other which is really just so awesome. Couples with energy make my world go round :)

I hope you all enjoy the photos and say plugged in to my Facebook Page to join in the celebrations early next week!


November 6, 2012

Laura and Jonathan

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Wow, it has been absolute ages since I last posted on the blog! So much has been happening over the past few months and wedding season is in full swing, but those of you who follow my Facebook page will have seen quite a bit of activity over there :) You may also recall that I was so incredibly excited about this shoot at The Oyster Box in Umhlanga. 

The couple chose The Oyster Box for their wedding a few months back (what an amazing venue!) but the weather did not play along on the day and the rain put a hold on their dream sugarcane photos. After I met them at Sharne and Ryan's wedding, we started chatting about their 'post-wedding' portrait session and the plans came together... the weather played along perfectly too :)

Laura and Jonathan are such an amazing match, you can see it in their smiles and loving glances. I really hope the I captured a piece of their love and did justice to their dream photographs. Thank you so much for putting your trust in me Laura & Jono. I can't thank you enough for an absolutely amazing trip. Your hospitality just blew me away and I will treasure every moment for a very, very long time :)

Enjoy the photos!

October 4, 2012

Lipstick 'n Lovebats Collaboration

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I met Carmen from Lipstick 'n Lovebats at the Father's House Zanethemba Fashion Show a few weeks back. We chatted briefly on the evening and when she called me the following week to ask about a creative collaboration I was just so excited! In the end, three ladies with incredible passion put together the looks for these photos: Carmen Vosloo from Lipstick 'n Lovebats, Kary M with her gorgeous headpieces, and the amazingly talented Stephanie Saskia who did all the make-up. I was lucky enough to document it all on camera with the help from four beautiful models.

Sjoe - I am just so proud of these photos as they make their debut on my blog!  What else can I say, the first foray into fashion photography was nerve wrackingly-exciting. All the photographs were taken at Colonial Antiques and we made use of the natural light in the enormous store. The most difficult part of this shoot was being faced with too many options - nooks and crannies, little corners, fabulous old furniture... it was simply a photographer's dream.

A huge thanks to everyone who was involved. To the models Carmen, Noreen, Oyanda, and Tazmin - you ladies made my job far too easy. Each of you have been blessed with absolute beauty and grace, and I am so happy we got to work together xxx A big thank you must also go to Sass Diva for the funky jewelry that the models wore.

OK, that's it from me. We start off with the fabulous Mz Carmen herself :)


September 20, 2012

Robynne and Nathaniel

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When Robynne sent me a mail to ask if I would be their wedding photographer it was one of the most awesome emails ever received. What made it so special is that Robs and I have known each other since those crazy varsity days (I will not say how long because that would give a few ages away), so it really is an honor to be 'the chosen one'. Even better was to see Robynne so happy with Nathaniel, ready to get married and start her journey with a man who is just as happy and full of life as she is.

The couple got engaged in Plettenberg Bay and chose to have their engagement photoshoot there, which was the best idea ever. So we headed down to Keurbooms beach on this gorgeous afternoon to snap a few images in the afternoon haze. One bee-sting and husband-on-high-alert later, we made our way to The Lookout Restaurant where the couple originally met. 

I really enjoyed this photoshoot because it was a great feeling to be with people that you know, able to speak freely and laugh your head off. After all, you can take the girls out of the South but you can't take the South out of the girls :)

Enjoy the photos!

September 19, 2012

Liesl and Eric

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Shoowee, this post is way overdue! Liesl and Eric had a stunning intimate day wedding at Singa Lodge in PE (which is such a gorgeous venue, wow!). The wedding was full of smiles and great moments, it was such a joy to be there and experience the love that Liesl and Eric have for each other. 

Throughout the planning process, Liesl and I chatted about her ideas and walking into Singa Lodge on the morning of the wedding was amazing - all of her ideas had sprung to life and the setting was just perfect! Even the PE weather played along :)

Each wedding is so different and this wedding really had a sense of serenity about it, which brought a completely different feel to the bridal prep photos. I simply adore this set of photos and I hope that you will too :)


September 10, 2012

Nicki and Wade

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Nicki and Wade got engaged in Hogsback and whilst chatting about locations for the engagement shoot, Nicki asked if we would be willing to drive up to Hogsback in the Amathole Mountains for a wintery engagement shoot at the spot where they got engaged. It really did not take much thinking before she got the very excited 'YES!' email, and that was where it all began.

We spread the shoot over two days thanks to the inclement weather, doing the first part on a very misty afternoon and the rest of the shoot the following morning at the crack of dawn. Let me tell you something... it was cold. No, not just cold. Tooth-achingly cold. So cold that my nostrils burned every time I breathed in. Icy, spine-chillingly cold. That, my friends, is how flipping cold it was standing on the edge of the cliff at 'The Edge" (conveniently named). But the photos, ah words can't do them justice and I am *so* proud!

This trip was exhilarating, and one of the best things I have ever experienced. We often forget to go outside and explore all the small things when the weather turns, opting instead to stay inside and snuggle up. But there is an entire world that continues to grow and thrive - colors that pop and buds that blossom (my macro photos coming up soon!).

I love Hogsback, it is cool, and its quirky. It hides things you would not expect to see, and won't unless you do a little exploring. It is the place that inspired most, if not all, of JRR Tolkien's novels and I always feel like a hobbit is going to jump out in front of me when walking around. It is super hippy and it has a labyrinth. It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives :)

Anyway, onwards! Enjoy the photos everyone!

September 5, 2012

Bianka and Greg

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It was in the very first few moments of meeting Bianka with a K that I knew this was going to be an interesting wedding... and as with all things Italian, this wedding was big, happy, and filled with kisses. B is definitely one of the most down to earth (and often hilarious) brides that I have had the pleasure of photographing thus far. Whilst going through their photos I just wish I could caption some of them... we'd be laughing for days! But it is this quality which makes her an absolute gem of an individual, and I can see why she and Greg click so well. 

Their love for each other is really visible... its so special! What is the ultimate show of affection, you ask? No, its not hugs or kisses, or even small whispers. Its saying yes when your fiancé mentions that the pair of you should open the dance floor with a hip hop routine. Say what!? Uh ha... Greg - your booty pop was perfect! Well played :)

So it is without further ado that I present to you Bianka and Greg's wedding with lots of kissing, lots of crying, and equal amounts of crazy, glorious luuurve. The couple have not seen their photos yet as they are based overseas, so there are a lot :)


August 22, 2012

Baby Pearls Product Photography

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The owners of the Baby Pearl range contacted me a while ago to assist with their product photography and I was more than excited to be involved with such a wonderful husband and wife team. Their vision for the photographs was really natural, lifestyle-type photos with a mom and tot, plus a range of product images. Other than this, I was given free reign and it was so rewarding to deliver these photographs after all the hard work that went into them.

The product itself is wonderful. Designed to be worn by moms, the chewable silicone (BPA and PVC free) necklaces/bracelets offer soothing comfort for teething babies. Besides providing relief to teething tots, the bracelets can be worn as a reminder of which side mom's have just nursed and are a great sensory tool to help babies focus whilst nursing. The beads themselves are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Thanks to some amazing friends, the following images are the result... and ones that I am *super* proud of too! We chose a clean 'home' setting for the photographs of Iris and baby Mia, and then a beautiful garden setting for Colinda and baby Gabriella. These ladies are really special to me and I was so happy that they were part of this project - thank you so much to both of you!

If you would like to see how these images have been used in Baby Pearl's website and branding, or for more information on this amazing product, please visit the Baby Pearls website. They also have an online store :)

August 2, 2012

Michele and Dave

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Michele and Dave (who's engagement shoot you will certainly remember) had an rad wedding at Thatchwoods! Their theme still ran along the carnival lines but the couple had so many cute DIY details that it was unlike anything I have seen before - their own special brand of wedding that represented them perfectly!

Everything about this couple is happy and sunshiney - and their wedding was exactly that. If you are someone who sees at least 30 'inspirational weddings' on a daily basis via social media platforms, you will understand what I mean by refreshing. Yes, that is the word... refreshing! Minty-greeny-cartwheeley-popcorny kind of refreshing. It felt like we had all walked into a time-warp transporting us back to the 60's hippy and happy era :)

To Mich and Dave - you guys have no idea how much it means to me that I was the lucky one who got to photograph your amazing wedding. Mich, your bubbly laugh words of encouragement whenever needed are a truly special are a gorgeous human being inside and out. You two are so lucky to have found each other in the noise of life - and I hope your journey ahead is more than you could ever wish for. Hugs! 

Enjoy the photos everyone :)

July 26, 2012

Sabeeha and Ridwaan

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And now for part two! Sabeeha and Ridwaan's wedding was such an experience, and really different to what I am used to on a weekly basis. It was so awesome to get a shake-up and to start looking at things from different angles... being on my toes all day and ready for everything (even rushing around trying to find a scarf for my head before the Nikah ceremony, which I was incredibly priviledged to be able to photograph as the ceremony is normally exclusively for the men). As I pointed out in my previous post, Sabeeha and her family were so informative and helpful - such a blessing given that this was my first Indian/Muslim wedding. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Hoosain for all his help and guidance on the day.

But on with the (many) photos :) I hope you enjoy them!

July 17, 2012

Sabeeha's Mehndi Evening

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When Sabeeha and Ridwaan invited me to document their wedding celebrations I was a little nervous... my very first Indian/Muslim wedding. But I really should not have worried - this trip really did not disappoint. Everything about this weekend was so exciting!

Sabeeha and I went to school together - and it is so heartwarming to see how she has changed from a shy girl into this independent and successful young woman. Her family were incredibly welcoming and looked after me the whole weekend. Trust me, I had to be looked after. The Muslim wedding ceremony is nothing like those I am used to and they kept me in the loop the entire time.

But first thing is first, the Friday night Mehndi. A beautiful celebration that had me doing the happy feet dance. Sabeeha's hands and feet were intricately decorated and she looked like an princess in her bright Sari. Ah, my words just can't explain how beautiful it all was, so I will let you look at photographs instead :)


July 12, 2012

Joanne and Jason

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Joanne and Jason's wedding was a simple, elegant, and stunning Sunday wedding. Day weddings are so amazing and really offer something different for the guests and the photographer, so I was very excited to be invited to document their celebration :)

Thunderclouds loomed and the heavens opened just as Jo was scheduled to enter the chapel. It was a photographers dream as those heavenly drops (and a little hail) added their own special character to their wedding day. And then suddenly the storm was over leaving high spirits and excitement in its wake. Although the drizzle only subsided after our couple photo shoot, the couple enjoyed each moment and just took the days events as they arrived.

What a fantastic wedding! I am sure you will all agree :) A *huge* thanks to Jo and Jason for choosing me :)

June 25, 2012

Nicolette and Pierre

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Nicky and Pierre's wedding was a gorgeous and relaxed affair at one of the most amazing Eastern Cape venues, The Rose Barn. We started out with Nicky's make-up and bridal prep in the brand new suite - and the rustic, clean look of the room is just too beautiful for words! I a-d-o-r-e The Rose Barn and am so grateful every time I book a wedding at this venue. The effort that Sandra puts into each and every wedding is amazing - each is so different, but SO beautiful. And Pierre and Nicky's wedding was just that, unique and simply beautiful.

The day was filled with happy tears and a lot of laughs. Pierre and Nicky, you guys share something really special and it was truly touching to be able to capture some of the wonderful emotions on camera... which you two can now hold onto for the rest of your incredible marriage. Thank you so much for allowing me the honour of documenting such a fantastic day!

Enjoy the photos everyone :)

June 8, 2012

My Life

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What an awesome surprise! I got home to find out that my interview was featured on Kiki today :) You can click here to read the whole interview. 

The only thing left to do is skip around the house and then make a steamy cup of yummy Milo :) Have an amazing weekend everyone!

June 4, 2012

Sharné and Ryan

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Every now and then a wedding comes along that changes everything. A wedding that makes you re-evaluate your own relationship and the way you live your daily life. You can see it has also affected everyone else in the room as you look around at watering eyes and loving glances. This wedding rescued me towards the end of a very long season. Sharné and Ryan are hands down the most loving and happy couple I have ever met, and their attitude towards each other is openly and unashamedly: 'I'll cherish you and love you, and spoil you, for the rest of my life'.

Sharné and I chatted many times before the wedding. Their engagement shoot was stunning (I'll make a plan to share it during the next few 'quiet' months) and I just knew that this wedding was going to be amazing as we sat drinking rooibos tea after the shoot. But nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that was Sharné and Ryan's amazing day. I can only hope that this post will share just a few of the emotions we all experienced.

But first, we start with the biggest, most gigantic sea storm and a sea twister that was so close we could see the white water where it touched the ocean. The remnants of the second, smaller sea twister can be seen in photo three below, simply because I did not have my camera with me for the first one... and there was absolutely no chance of me going outside to fetch it and face certain death (uuuuh-ha).

Enjoy the photos everyone :)

May 31, 2012

Winning Couple Announcement

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May 23, 2012

It's Competition Time!

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This year has just flown by, and Bridal Fair is upon us once again!

The Niki M Photography Win Your Wedding Photography Competition (what a mouthfull!) is taking place again this year and I am very excited after the amazing success of last years competition :) Rolecia and Leon won the competition and we had such an amazing time together over the course of the year. They won an amazing package and the same is up for grabs this year!

The prize consists of:

A 90 minute engagement shoot 
One hour photographic coverage to be used for a wedding related occasion 
10 consecutive hours of wedding coverage 
Approximately 650 high res photographs on DVD
Two packaged copies of the DVD for parents

Total value of this amazing prize is R10,600!

To enter, visit the Niki M photography stand in the foyer at this years Bridal Fair, 26 & 27 May at the Feathermarket Hall.

Conditions of entry:
The competition is limited to weddings taking place during 2012 and 2013
You must have a date set for your wedding and I must be available for that date
To view all the T&Cs that apply, click here

Good luck everyone! I can't wait to meet you all at the Fair :)

May 10, 2012

Riche & Riaaz's Rainy Engagement Session

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I am busy sitting at at the airport waiting for a flight back to PE and the quiet time is much needed after this hectic trip. It is a time to reflect, catch up on thoughts (and emails), and even put a blog post together.

To be honest, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. I am sure that everyone has noticed how sparse my blog posts are. But the season is coming to an end and I am truly looking forward to the quiet time that will fill my life over the next few months (I am sure hubby is super excited too!). A time to re-evaluate priorities, process photos for friends (who always get the short end of the stick he he he), sort out copious amounts of admin, and load photos from all the amazing weddings I have had the privilege of photographing. This season has been amazing and I am so grateful! To be fully booked in a first season and to end off the season with a family, rather than 'clients', is more than I ever expected or could have asked for. I am so grateful!

And given my current thoughts, what post would be better than one that brought so much joy in spite of challenging circumstances! Riche and I had been plotting an engagement shoot for ages. We realized the evening prior that the weather was heading downhill. But despite this, we opted to head out into the rain and continue with the shoot. The resulting photographs are ones that I am very proud of! So perhaps this post will brighten your day too :)

April 10, 2012

Inge and Simon - The Rose Barn

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Inge and Simon's wedding was insanely beautiful! The first memory and one I keep telling everyone about was the smell of hundreds (if not thousands) of roses as we walked into the barn. It made every muscle in my body want to dash outside and frolic in the butterfly and cow filled fields. It was the smell of happiness... I don't know how else to explain it. It even quelled my signature gorgeous-decor-inspired-happy-feet-dancing-attack. Judith and I just stood at the entrance to the barn and gulped in all the beautifulness.

With the ceremony moved indoors thanks to 75km/h winds, it was a tight squeeze. But the wind did not put a damper on any part of the day. We even ventured outside for the bridal party and couple photos, which was a load of fun!

This wedding was just perfect. The amount of effort that Inge and Simon (and families/friends) put into the decor was amazing... they did all the decor themselves! Wow, wow, wow was all we could say the whole day. Well more like 'w..w..w..' thanks to the wind.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!

March 20, 2012

Davene and Neal

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Where do I start with this wedding... perhaps at the beginning would be apt. 

Walking through the doors of the reception hall at Evergreen I could not believe how much effort Davene and Neal (along with family and friends) had put into the decor. Every stitch was hand sewn and every item handmade. Davene did her own hair, make-up, and even made her own dress... er dresses. Yes, that is correct. Davene made not one, but two wedding dresses for herself.

And as it turned out, that was absolutely perfect for her wedding day. Why you may ask? Well because it did not just rain, it hailed. Not little baby cutsie hails... no. Big mean knock-you-out hails. But in amongst all the chaos of being lambasted by hail balls the size of a well-fed snail, Neal quietly smiled to himself and later told me 'If rain on your wedding day is a blessing, then hail must really be a gift from God.'

And then the storm softened. The sun glimmered through the delicate rain, and the most beautiful rainbow presented itself as a gift to this stunning couple. Davene's extra dress meant that we could frolic to our hearts content. I know three is a crowd, but man we had fun!

February 7, 2012

Anke and Altus

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Anke and Altus got married in Jeffrey's Bay at the beautiful Mentorskraal. It was the first time I photographed at the venue, and I can assure you that I nearly had a happy feet dancing attack when I walked into the reception hall. The decor was absolutely, unbelievably gorgeous!

This was also the first wedding that I got all misty-eyed at. Anke looked too beautiful for words, and when she walked down that aisle I knew the sparks (or tears) would fly. Altus shed a few tears, we all shed a few tears. It was a moment to remember!

In the hours that followed, I really felt the love that these two share... tear-jerking, uncontrollable-laughing, booty-shaking love. The spark that I saw at their engagement shoot was only a small glimpse into what these two really have... they are made for each other.

January 17, 2012

Rolecia and Leon

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OK, right off the bat I am going to tell you that this is a long post. There were too many photos and I could not choose which ones I liked best. So I guess it is up to you guys to choose.

Rolecia and Leon were the winners of my Bridal Fair "Win your Wedding Photography' competition, and I honestly could not have asked for a more awesome, in love, and super creative couple than these two. I thank my lucky stars that they allowed me to photograph their wedding because it really was incredibly special and different.

The ceremony was conducted by Rolecia's Grandfather in a quaint Port Alfred church, and the reception was held in a gorgeous bedouin tent on the banks of the Kowie river. Rolecia's attention to detail was amazing. You definitely knew it was their wedding, all the way from entering the church to the reception venue. I wish I could show each and every detail from the wedding but that would take days he he he:) Brides-to-be really should draw inspiration from this lovely wedding and see how one can put a unique stamp on everything that you do.

I would just like to thank Rolecia's mom and dad for making me feel completely at home and at ease, and for making the time to show me around :) Your hospitality was appreciated more than you will ever know xxx 

I joined the families at the rehearsal so I think that is a good place to start the story...

January 13, 2012

Tarryn and Ronaldo

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When this dynamic duo contacted me to do a couple photo shoot I was beyond excited. Tarryn is an amazing make-up artist and Rolando a super talented up-and-coming PE photographer... so to be asked was quite an honour.

We headed out to one of my favorite farm locations early in the morning and then finally, FINALLY, I got to use the one prop I had been eyeing out for ages... the old bus! Tarryn and Ronaldo felt at ease in front of the camera straight away, and it was a pleasure working with them. So much of prettiness my new friends xxx

Hope everyone enjoys these photos... and happy Friday the 13th :)

January 11, 2012

Krystal and Paul

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Krystal and Paul's wedding was a lot of things, but most of all it was incredibly-cake-smooshingly-fantastic! This couple had an absolute ball at their wedding. Paul even did a headstand to open their first dance (which was a hip hop routine might I add!).

Even though there was a lot of fun and laughing, I could not help but get the feeling that these two are simply perfect for each other. From their wacky antics to their high fives... they just 'get' each other. It was really wonderful to see and it is an amazing feeling to walk away from a wedding knowing that I have new friends rather than just clients. You guys are awesome :)

Much love xxx