April 10, 2012

Inge and Simon - The Rose Barn

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Inge and Simon's wedding was insanely beautiful! The first memory and one I keep telling everyone about was the smell of hundreds (if not thousands) of roses as we walked into the barn. It made every muscle in my body want to dash outside and frolic in the butterfly and cow filled fields. It was the smell of happiness... I don't know how else to explain it. It even quelled my signature gorgeous-decor-inspired-happy-feet-dancing-attack. Judith and I just stood at the entrance to the barn and gulped in all the beautifulness.

With the ceremony moved indoors thanks to 75km/h winds, it was a tight squeeze. But the wind did not put a damper on any part of the day. We even ventured outside for the bridal party and couple photos, which was a load of fun!

This wedding was just perfect. The amount of effort that Inge and Simon (and families/friends) put into the decor was amazing... they did all the decor themselves! Wow, wow, wow was all we could say the whole day. Well more like 'w..w..w..' thanks to the wind.

Hope you all enjoy the photos!