March 7, 2011

Nicky and Brian - Part One

Niki M Photography has a brand new website! Visit to view all my latest work :)

Nicky and Brian tied the knot after a whirlwind long-distance relationship. Brian hails from Montana in the USA, and Nicky is one of South Africa's finer specimens :) Their story is sooooo romantic and their wedding was truly touching - I wish them every blessing in their union. The couple were exceptionally patient and showed  so much compassion whilst I was away on honeymoon and I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks - It truly meant so much to me xxx

This was my second wedding and it feels awesome to put it up on the blog for everyone to see! Unfortunately I couldn't really choose which photos to put up because there were so many good ones... so its coming in two parts (and the extended Facebook Page will be loaded on Tuesday evening)

Check back tomorrow for Part 2!


  1. I got teary eyes AGAIN looking at these pictures - such joy in the Lord and His goodness in bringing these two precious young people together in His timing - besides the FUN and love of family sharing this special time - incredible♥

  2. My sister my sister, you looked absolutly stunning and i felt so sad not being there but it was wonderful to be able to watch it on SKYPE how i love technology !!!!

    love you


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