December 5, 2011

Natalie and Johan

Niki M Photography has a brand new website! Visit to view all my latest work :)

Natalie and Johan got married on a super windy day in PE and their wedding was beautiful! The love really radiates from these two... it is so wonderful to see and even better to photograph.

I really found it difficult to narrow down the photos for the blog post, so this is a bit of a long one... but it is well worth it. You will also notice that I changed up the blog post format so you get to see bigger photos. Enjoy :)


  1. Thank you Niki, You were amazing in every way! Your service was absolutely AMAZING and the photos have blown my mind! You have captured everythinh to a Tee! Thank you so much for your sweet kindness and wonderful talent. Natalie&Johan

  2. Niki, I am so proud of Johan and Natalie in these photos. You caught them at their most vulnerable in every photo. What a job well done! Thank you for being there on their special day, you made it even more special by supplying these beautiful memories for them for their future. The Mother of the Bride, Avril Strydom.

  3. You have managed to capture the essence of Natalie and Johan as individuals first,then the radiant love and adoration! Excellent must agree though...Nats is naturally stunning and a pleasure to capture on film!! Wel done!! Anneke

  4. Awesome how you can see the love in thier eyes........which you have mannaged to capture on camera. Melissa


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