May 10, 2012

Riche & Riaaz's Rainy Engagement Session

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I am busy sitting at at the airport waiting for a flight back to PE and the quiet time is much needed after this hectic trip. It is a time to reflect, catch up on thoughts (and emails), and even put a blog post together.

To be honest, the last few months have been an absolute whirlwind. I am sure that everyone has noticed how sparse my blog posts are. But the season is coming to an end and I am truly looking forward to the quiet time that will fill my life over the next few months (I am sure hubby is super excited too!). A time to re-evaluate priorities, process photos for friends (who always get the short end of the stick he he he), sort out copious amounts of admin, and load photos from all the amazing weddings I have had the privilege of photographing. This season has been amazing and I am so grateful! To be fully booked in a first season and to end off the season with a family, rather than 'clients', is more than I ever expected or could have asked for. I am so grateful!

And given my current thoughts, what post would be better than one that brought so much joy in spite of challenging circumstances! Riche and I had been plotting an engagement shoot for ages. We realized the evening prior that the weather was heading downhill. But despite this, we opted to head out into the rain and continue with the shoot. The resulting photographs are ones that I am very proud of! So perhaps this post will brighten your day too :)

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