June 4, 2012

Sharné and Ryan

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Every now and then a wedding comes along that changes everything. A wedding that makes you re-evaluate your own relationship and the way you live your daily life. You can see it has also affected everyone else in the room as you look around at watering eyes and loving glances. This wedding rescued me towards the end of a very long season. Sharné and Ryan are hands down the most loving and happy couple I have ever met, and their attitude towards each other is openly and unashamedly: 'I'll cherish you and love you, and spoil you, for the rest of my life'.

Sharné and I chatted many times before the wedding. Their engagement shoot was stunning (I'll make a plan to share it during the next few 'quiet' months) and I just knew that this wedding was going to be amazing as we sat drinking rooibos tea after the shoot. But nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that was Sharné and Ryan's amazing day. I can only hope that this post will share just a few of the emotions we all experienced.

But first, we start with the biggest, most gigantic sea storm and a sea twister that was so close we could see the white water where it touched the ocean. The remnants of the second, smaller sea twister can be seen in photo three below, simply because I did not have my camera with me for the first one... and there was absolutely no chance of me going outside to fetch it and face certain death (uuuuh-ha).

Enjoy the photos everyone :)


Dress {Lorette van Wyk}
Hair {Bridesmaid, Marlize Calitz at Images}
Make-Up {Bride, as taught by Estelle Cunningham} 
Decor & Flowers {Bride}
Cake {Red Velvet Events}
Videography {Brad Peens}
DJ {Clint Johnson} clint[at]greenpepperproductions[dot]com


  1. Beautiful photos Niki, and I love the way you write. Always so entertaining to read :)

  2. What a stunning wedding - wow!! Love love these pics - they make me want to get married again :)

  3. I LOVE THESE PICS! Thanks so much Niki**


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