December 4, 2012

Lana and Roland

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Summer. It is the one season we all love. Vivid memories of pool-lazing, mean-kid-splashing, summer fruit salad and ice-cream. Of laughter and sun-warmed skin, Wilson's toffees and rough feet from walking on tarred roads. Calm evening's, braais and chasing frogs, flying ants and Christmas beetles.

I often go back to memories collected along the way and try to bring out the same feelings in my photos. Unfortunately it is difficult with weddings because everything is unplanned and spur of the moment, but engagement shoots are different. They allow time to think and plan, time to go on a journey to find the perfect place for the perfect moment. Exciting ideas and a little effort always turn into something bigger than I can try to describe.

Lana and Roland really wanted something different. Lana from Latvia and Roland from Germany, living in PE, getting married in Mauritius and then moving on to a new place, new language, new life together. All they wanted was to capture the joy that they had shared as an engaged couple in our wonderful country. We managed to capture something very special during this shoot. I will always remember it as the afternoon spent in the orchards. It was pure summer nostalgia.

A very, very special thank you to Daniela for helping us arrange access to the farm.

Enjoy the photos everyone 

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