October 11, 2010


I am beginning to wonder if this wind and miserable weather will ever cease and so I turned to happier, sunnier days.  Don't get me wrong... somewhere, deep inside, I am thankful for the rain. But this PE wind is starting to get to me. When we were still discussing living in PE, all our PE friends/family had only one thing to say "The wind in PE really isn't that bad. It's only for a small part of the year doll." I strongly disagree people, March through to January is more than a small piece of the proverbial pie.

Anyway :) Bernice and I met at Sards Beach early on a beautiful spring morning, and she turned out to be a fantastic model. She was even brave enough to wade slowly into the water...and swiftly out again. The wind (ahem.) howled the previous night, and left the most amazing patterns on the dunes, which we used to our full advantage. She smiled, I clicked... it was wind-free bliss!

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