October 6, 2010

A Case of Appearing Cars

Late on a 'breezy' Saturday afternoon, I travelled to the plots of Port Elizabeth with a friend. We were on a 'pre-lens-purchase' inspecting mission. She acquired the aforementioned lens and we made our way around the designated plot, taking pointless photos in the howling wind.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an old black Mercedes drove past us and was parked outside of a garage. My first instinct? Run back to Amor's car and get my equipment. But by the time I had managed to get the dust out of my eyes, the Mercedes had already been swallowed by the ominous garage.

This was no task for the fainthearted, and fainthearted I am not. With caution (and difficulty), I walked to the garage to see if I could persuade the owner to let us take a few photos. As I rounded the corner, I saw... THIS...

The clouds parted and the angels played a little love song as I stood trying to see this spectacular car through my windswept hair.

In the end, Mr van Eyk graciously let us take photos of both cars, but the Mercedes fell to last place on my list. This Morris took first prize. The details on this car were insane, but there was just not enough light left to fit them all in. So this is my offering. I hope you enjoy!

It just goes to show that interesting things happen in the strangest of places :)


  1. Niki, chicka - this blog thing is really working for you!

    Great work!

  2. Beautiful old blue car... I have a thing for old blue restored cars... he, he...


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