June 5, 2011

Benjamin and Georgina

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Charlotte and I have been trying to coordinate a photo shoot of her two little ones for so long! The time finally came during my last trip to Joburg. Benjamin and Georgina are twins, and they are so so so gorgeous, I'm sure you will agree!

We spent a few hours together and I really think these photos are so special. Ben (you'll notice) was much more at ease with the camera, and he had a ball jumping for me and playing peek-a-boo from behind a gigantic tree. Georgie was much more reserved but she definitely let us know when she was having fun :)



  1. Oh Niki! We are in love!! What incredible, marvelous pictures!!! Thank you thank you thank you :)

  2. Niki, these are my grandchildren (Charlotte is my daughter) - what beautiful pictures of very special children. Thank you.


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