June 14, 2011

Sarah and Mark - Tzaneen

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Sarah and Mark's wedding was so refreshing! But lets start at the beginning before I tell you why...

Sarah and Mark are missionaries from America, and they currently look after 12 orphaned and vulnerable children (12!) at a house in Modjadjiskloof, Tzaneen. Sarah is also actively involved in Pfunanane Ministries (http://www.pfunanane.org/, go read all about it) where she is Children's Home Director.

So when she contacted me and told me all about it, I was nervous. Traveling with strangers, to a place I had never been before. But I should not have worried... this experience was so liberating. I flew to JHB and caught a lift up to Sarah's home with Cricket and Mary Floye. Luckily they were awesome company, and we had a blast.

The brief from the very beginning, in Sarah's words: 'I want lots of photos of the kids, and don't worry about me'. So thats exactly what I did. These kids are a laugh and a half, each of them is so special! That combined with Sarah and Mark's awesome sense of humour, and their friendly and energetic families from America... this was a wedding never to be repeated. 

So, now that you know all of that, the reason it was so refreshing was that I got to photograph children, not worry too much about formalities, fight off killer emus and seriously energetic Shangaan dancers, and also because I now have memories of very special people that I will never, ever forget.

This post is overdue, but its because there are a LOT of photos... so enjoy! :)


  1. Wow the wedding looked an absolute blast.
    The photos revealed tlhe warmth and love of all that attended. Well done Nix. Lots of love Mom

  2. Awwww! So beautiful... and fun! I pray that God be glorified in your lives and in your marriage.

  3. Great pictures, thanks for sharing with us!! -Lisa


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