July 26, 2012

Sabeeha and Ridwaan

Niki M Photography has a brand new website! Visit www.nikimphotography.co.za to view all my latest work :)

And now for part two! Sabeeha and Ridwaan's wedding was such an experience, and really different to what I am used to on a weekly basis. It was so awesome to get a shake-up and to start looking at things from different angles... being on my toes all day and ready for everything (even rushing around trying to find a scarf for my head before the Nikah ceremony, which I was incredibly priviledged to be able to photograph as the ceremony is normally exclusively for the men). As I pointed out in my previous post, Sabeeha and her family were so informative and helpful - such a blessing given that this was my first Indian/Muslim wedding. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Hoosain for all his help and guidance on the day.

But on with the (many) photos :) I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Wow everything looked so perfect.Congratulations.May God bless your marriage

  2. oh wow nix. These photo's are gorgeous, but then again, nothing less should be expected from you. So awesome that you got to photograph the ceremony!

  3. hey i love the wedding photo's its really stunning and so are the bride and groom<3 :)


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