August 2, 2012

Michele and Dave

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Michele and Dave (who's engagement shoot you will certainly remember) had an rad wedding at Thatchwoods! Their theme still ran along the carnival lines but the couple had so many cute DIY details that it was unlike anything I have seen before - their own special brand of wedding that represented them perfectly!

Everything about this couple is happy and sunshiney - and their wedding was exactly that. If you are someone who sees at least 30 'inspirational weddings' on a daily basis via social media platforms, you will understand what I mean by refreshing. Yes, that is the word... refreshing! Minty-greeny-cartwheeley-popcorny kind of refreshing. It felt like we had all walked into a time-warp transporting us back to the 60's hippy and happy era :)

To Mich and Dave - you guys have no idea how much it means to me that I was the lucky one who got to photograph your amazing wedding. Mich, your bubbly laugh words of encouragement whenever needed are a truly special are a gorgeous human being inside and out. You two are so lucky to have found each other in the noise of life - and I hope your journey ahead is more than you could ever wish for. Hugs! 

Enjoy the photos everyone :)

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  1. Such a lovely wedding, couple and photographer!


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