September 5, 2012

Bianka and Greg

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It was in the very first few moments of meeting Bianka with a K that I knew this was going to be an interesting wedding... and as with all things Italian, this wedding was big, happy, and filled with kisses. B is definitely one of the most down to earth (and often hilarious) brides that I have had the pleasure of photographing thus far. Whilst going through their photos I just wish I could caption some of them... we'd be laughing for days! But it is this quality which makes her an absolute gem of an individual, and I can see why she and Greg click so well. 

Their love for each other is really visible... its so special! What is the ultimate show of affection, you ask? No, its not hugs or kisses, or even small whispers. Its saying yes when your fiancé mentions that the pair of you should open the dance floor with a hip hop routine. Say what!? Uh ha... Greg - your booty pop was perfect! Well played :)

So it is without further ado that I present to you Bianka and Greg's wedding with lots of kissing, lots of crying, and equal amounts of crazy, glorious luuurve. The couple have not seen their photos yet as they are based overseas, so there are a lot :)


The best family photograph... ever!

'Shawty had them apple bottom jeans, boots wit 'da fuuuur...'


Dress {Lady Marmalade}
Hair {Angie @ Posh}
Make-Up {Victoria Angileri @ Posh} 
Venue {The Plantation, Port Elizabeth}
Decor & Flowers {Cathy de Villiers} cathydevilliers[at]gmail[dot]com
Videography {Debbie Louw}

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  1. Absolutely STUNNING pics and what an awesome wedding!
    Roche and all at The Plantation


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