September 10, 2012

Nicki and Wade

Niki M Photography has a brand new website! Visit to view all my latest work :)

Nicki and Wade got engaged in Hogsback and whilst chatting about locations for the engagement shoot, Nicki asked if we would be willing to drive up to Hogsback in the Amathole Mountains for a wintery engagement shoot at the spot where they got engaged. It really did not take much thinking before she got the very excited 'YES!' email, and that was where it all began.

We spread the shoot over two days thanks to the inclement weather, doing the first part on a very misty afternoon and the rest of the shoot the following morning at the crack of dawn. Let me tell you something... it was cold. No, not just cold. Tooth-achingly cold. So cold that my nostrils burned every time I breathed in. Icy, spine-chillingly cold. That, my friends, is how flipping cold it was standing on the edge of the cliff at 'The Edge" (conveniently named). But the photos, ah words can't do them justice and I am *so* proud!

This trip was exhilarating, and one of the best things I have ever experienced. We often forget to go outside and explore all the small things when the weather turns, opting instead to stay inside and snuggle up. But there is an entire world that continues to grow and thrive - colors that pop and buds that blossom (my macro photos coming up soon!).

I love Hogsback, it is cool, and its quirky. It hides things you would not expect to see, and won't unless you do a little exploring. It is the place that inspired most, if not all, of JRR Tolkien's novels and I always feel like a hobbit is going to jump out in front of me when walking around. It is super hippy and it has a labyrinth. It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives :)

Anyway, onwards! Enjoy the photos everyone!

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  1. Stunning Niki, as always!


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