November 11, 2010

Amor and Neil

The past few weeks have been completely hectic! New clients, Photobooks, and a LOT of photo processing! So I may have been neglecting the blog a teeny tiny bit? But... I'm back and I promise I will try harder to keep up with all the happy Mondays to come!

A (few) weeks ago, my dear friend Amor and her fiance Neil allowed me the privilege of photographing their engagement shoot. We headed down to the Maitlands dunes and all arrived pretty late after getting stuck behind the lead pack in a cycling race. There was no getting around the team cars, especially around the winding coastal road. But, once we got there, it was totally worth it - I'm sure you'll agree! Damn that sky was awesome!

So, for you viewing pleasure, I officially present Amor and Neil... enjoy :)

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