November 3, 2010

Jo'burg In Full Bloom

I had such an awesome trip to Jo'burg last weekend. I spent some time with the family, caught up with friends, and took TONS of photos!

We travelled through to Parktown and wistfully spent Sunday afternoon in awe of colour. I remember Parktown from high school days, but it felt so different... almost magical. The quiet was only broken by the soft patter of jacaranda blossoms dropping from the trees. And I even got to partake in my second favourite passtime - driving over the fallen blossoms and listening to them pop. It was great!

Spring is quickly taking the lead as my favourite season :)

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  1. I remember the misty mornings. Driving over a carpet of lavender, and the sun starting to shine through the purple trees as I returned home after delivering my precious cargo to Parktown Girls. XX


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