November 15, 2010

Flowers 'n Bugs

PE gave us a mix of all seasons this weekend, from really windy and cold, to overcast and drizzly but warm, to sunny, and then some more wind. Very strange... but I was armed with my NEW CANON 7D (yaaaaaay!) and I really didn't care. I got the chance to do another shoot with Zach and family on Sunday morning, and we all had so much fun - which resulted in a really great concept for parents and couples that I will launch on the blog within the month - so keep an eye out for that!

There is something so beautiful and refreshing about heading out to the beach on weekend mornings. Nothing can beat it! I'm normally out with families/couples by 07h15 (yes, AM) because the light is so beautiful and the wind is usually quite mild. By the time I get home it feels as if I have experienced a whole day already!

So, in between washing the sand of my feet and downloading the morning's photos, I glanced outside and saw that the drizzle had ceased and the sun was making an appearance. What better way than to use gorgeous light than to go photograph a few flowers and bugs... happy Monday!

Warning: this post involves some humping bugs so lets just call it PG13 :)

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  1. Lovely macro shots Nix. Looks like that new 7D is working great for you!!


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