September 6, 2011

Bailey at 3 weeks

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As with every shoot, there is a story behind this one too.

Shae and I met in standard 6. We disliked each other - or should I say seriously disliked each other. But life is such that we ended up best friends (amazing how that happens)... and years later, through school life, hating boys, then boyfriends, horrid spin the bottle memories, house parties, varsity, and all the other noise in our lives... we learned to be quiet together. We learned the art of not having to speak. And that is what I miss so much in a friend. There is a peace that grows between two people, in-between the sentences. So many of us find that in our loved one, husband, wife. But not very many of us find that in a friend.

And so it was that we grew up and I moved away. We got jobs, got married, and now one of us has a baby. Its so funny how life happens, without us even giving it a second thought. But we always stayed in touch. And when Shae had her baby, she allowed me to fly up especially to see Miss Bailey. The one thing that strikes me the most is how much Shae has grown up. She's a mommy now - and that is one of the most amazing things I have seen. We all see mommies with babies - but to see one of your closest friends with a new baby is a sight so amazing that it brings tears to my eyes.

I wanted these photos to document Shae and Bailey (oh, and a little bit of Grant too, sorry Granty). We thought about poses, and cute headbands, and even baskets. But that just didn't seem right.

So Shaki, I hope that you enjoy these - I love you to bits and thank you for allowing me to photograph something that is so precious to you. I hope these photos will bring you happiness and memories because if they do, then I was able to return the favour xxx


  1. Ahhh Nix! sooooo beautiful!

    Thank you for giving us such beautiful memories to treasure! Thank you also for your beautiful words! I just had to grab a burp cloth to dry my tears as it was the closest thing to a tissue.

    I love you my friend!

  2. oh my word I'm going to have more babies just so you can snap them!

  3. well nikki what can i say these are some of the most gorgeous pics youve done to date, i guessits something to do with how close you are to the subject. i miss all you guys and wish i could have been part of this magical time but am so proud to show off these photos and say " that beautiful mommy was one of my best friends and by the way so was the talented photographerwho took them!"
    well done
    from michele ( all the way from scotland)

  4. Nikki & Shae,

    seriously a job well done! Such great photos and beautiful memories captured.

    And you couldn't describe Shae any better than you did.

    Such beautiful photos.

    Much Love

    Michelle Conradie

  5. aaaaah! what gorgeous pics! i cant wait to get better so i can hold this little love!


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