September 29, 2011

Michele and Dave's Carnival Themed Engagement Shoot

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I am *incredibly* proud to share this engagement shoot with everyone :)

Michele and Dave are super funky, energetic, and creative - the sort of couple that gets my mind working overtime. When Michele mentioned that she wanted a carnival theme to match the wedding, my heart nearly stopped. Say what? I've entered photographer heaven!

So after weeks of plotting and planning... this is what we came up with. The flowers kindly cooperated and held on for "just a few more days... pleeeeease" (thanks Mother Nature), and the results are just the most colourful, fun, and crazy photos I have ever taken. 

In the words of Mary Murphy (insert southern accent here) "I don't know about you guys, but I like me some quirky in my life! Wooooooo...hooooo..." 
Enjoy :)


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