September 22, 2011

It's my birthday! Well... kind of :)

Niki M Photography has a brand new website! Visit to view all my latest work :)

Whilst driving around the other day, I suddenly remembered that I started this blog around this time last year. Eish! I nearly forgot my bloggy-b-day!

Well happy birthday dear blog :) Its been a wonderful year of memories and progress in all spheres. But little blog was in need of some TLC so it got a super make-over! A new look and feel, some added pages which will fill up soon I promise. 

I'm so excited that I thought I'd do a giveaway :) Not an average giveaway - average isn't my style. So, for the next two days I will be giving away (yes, for free) hugs and cheek kisses (I have to specify here) to everyone!!! Who's first?

The time spent on this re-design was well worth it :) I hope everyone enjoys the new blog - let me know what you think?

Thanks to everyone who follows and brightens up my days :) 

Nix xxx

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